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Re: NFC: Re: Native Fish Conservancy Digest V2 #886

On 3/10/02 1:56 PM, "Arlus Farnsworth" <arlusf at cwnet_com> wrote:

> There must be other birds than the herons living there at least part of
> the year... what could be better than low cost housing in the middle of
> a nature preserve?

A nature preserve without a housing complex.

>There would be a long list of birders, naturalists
> and people who want to live in a pristine area to get in there.

I am sure that would be the considering factor on the housing application.

>If the
> housing was properly constructed... tenants would help track the bird
> populations. what would the requirements be? Could something like this
> be viable? I would consider my taxes well spent.

Your taxes might also be well spent on this great idea to provide a wildlife
sanctuary in the form of oil wells up in Alaska?

Sorry, for being so sarcastic. I just would never trust humans to do the
right thing in a situation like this. Human fixes or "improvements" rarely
ever work.


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