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NFC: Re: red breast sunny

Hi Ron,
Where in Ohio do you live, and how close is it to Erie. Unless the rules
have changed since last year, there are not a lot of regs, and collecting in
the state's eyes is the same as collecting bait for personal use. I would go
to any store that sells fishing licenses and ask them for a copy of the
regs, they will give you a free booklet. Just look up catching baitfish. Of
course any protected, or endangered species are off limits. And more advice
for you even though collecting fish for aquariums for personal use is
perfectly legal in Ohio and PA, most people even DNR/Fish Commission people
do not realize this. If asked always say you are collecting bait minnows, it
will save you a lot of hassles. And if  you are in a trout stream never
mention the word Rainbow Darter. All the trout people will hear is Rainbow
and they will think you are trying to catch trout with traps and nets.

I would also like to invite you attend the monthly meetings of the Erie
Aquarium Society. I am the V.P. and web master. Check out our website at
http://www.ErieAquariumSociety.org we have a meeting this Wed. night. We
also have an auction coming up real soon.

Several people in the club are into natives, and all are welcomed. We also
do a lot of collecting together. Email me offlist if you have any questions
wally at wallybillingham_com

Corry, PA
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> I live in ohio near l erie, how can i get a pair of these fish! I would
> like to know how to obtain reg. on keeping species of ohio fishes.Now I
> more than one person can respond, come on let me get to know other members
> ..
>     does it will
>      Ron
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