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Re: NFC: Somewhat OT

call all the birding clubs---they've got a surprising amount of clout.  I'm 
unaware of any herons in that part of the US that even rank 'species of 
special concern' designation so you probably won't have much luck that 
route.  May be able to go the roundabout method and get local citizens 
groups opposed to it base on the 'quality of life' argument.  You could 
probably beat the park-and-ride, but you're going to have a tough time 
convincing people that birds are more important than low cost housing 
(especially the with the economy).

Sorry can't be more help,

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>Just found out that our local Metro (Seattle area) is going to expand 
>the park and ride or a low cost housing complex over the wetlands that
>support a large heron rookery. Will actually take down the nest trees. Any
>idea what channels to use in trying to combat this?  Any help appreciated.
>Sam Beavin
>NFC member/lurker
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