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NFC: Fw: Re: Blue Fin Killie

Someone want to help this gentleman get some bluefin killies ?

Robert Rice - NFC president   www.nativefish.org

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If it's not too much trouble, I would certainly appreciate it! I am a
technology director for the schools in the Queens area of NYC and
it's not my area of suprvision, two of our elementary school teachers had
a very successful project last year with Florida Flag Fish - the children
kept records on a spreadsheet on the computer  and researched them on the
Internet(which is where I fit in as well as donating some fish tanks that
were in my closet) and some of those young fish are now being kept by
other teachers in their homes. They also kept heterandria formosa (their
favorites) and some mummichogs which they collected close to their school
- this school is in College Point - the wetlands around Shea Stadium and
LaGuardia airport. I think we have sparked some interest. I have been
lucky to get some pygmy sunfish from Mr. Wolf in the Carolinas and some
Black Banded sunfish that were collected in the NJ Pine Barrens -close to
where I grew up and some darters from Jonah's - my chilren's favorites -
thanks again!
Neil Nicastro

robert a rice wrote:

> I collect them as to several NFC members some in the NY area breed them
> Want me to se If I can find you some ?
> Robert Rice - NFC president   www.nativefish.org
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