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Re: NFC: aquatic plants

Try contacting your biology department at your local
universities.  Many states have books of the aquatic
plants found in their state and they are often
squirreled away for use as a text book in local
college botany courses.....thats how I found my guide
to aquatic plants of kentucky, I signed up for a field
course in id'g aquatic plants and received a wonderful
textbook on kentucky aquatic plants as well as a trunk
full of dirty gymshoes from all the streams and lakes
we immersed ourselves in.

--- Kristine Weisbrod Massin <kwmprairie at hotmail_com>
> Does anyone know where I could track down some
> information on what aquatic 
> plants are native to which state, most especially
> Colorado, WY, and KS?  
> (Yes, all you lucky Florida people, I know you guys
> have a ton of absolutely 
> fantastic websites. Makes the rest of us very
> jealous!)
> thanks,
> kris
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