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NFC: Fw: [Partners] River Rally Airfares Makes the Rally Affordable

: "Ben Strand" <bstrand at rivernetwork_org>
To: <rivernetworkpartners at rivernetwork_org>
Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2002 13:03:53 -0500
Subject: [Partners] River Rally Airfares Makes the Rally Affordable
Message-ID: <NDBBIDEHMLJEFBDIEEJOMECPDHAA.bstrand at rivernetwork_org>

Dear Partners,

Delta Airlines is currently having an Airfare Sale that should help to
decrease your costs to attend River Rally 2002!

Look at these great deals to Asheville (May 17-21)
Round trip from: Denver $306, Chicago $218, Los Angeles $308, Seattle
Burlington $217, New York (JFK) $277, Washington D.C. $220, Boston $222.

To book these flights go to:  www.delta.com

If you've already registered for the Rally, we invite you to visit
website to price out your travel options.

If you haven't yet registered for the Rally, please browse these rates
consider if the Rally is now within your budget!

bstrand at rivernetwork_org


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