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Re: NFC: Worm Collecting Report

  How inovative ! Sidewalk dried worms for the fish
and a public service to boot . Very good .
--- PrplShark at aol_com wrote:
> When my local fishing supply store closed, I was
> forced to look else where. 
> Luck was with me that day when I went looking, for
> if I returned empty 
> handed, my Lepomis's would not have let me in (LOL).
> I was walking around the 
> neighborhood earlier that day, and as the norm here
> in Florida, it was on the 
> warm and sunny side. Looking down at the sidewalk
> hoping to find some money 
> and not to step on the cracks, I spotted a bunch of
> DRIED worms all over this 
> sidewalk and driveway. Picking up a handful, I
> immediately returned to my 
> fishroom.                                           
>                  With 
> razor-blade in hand, I commenced to slicing one of
> Cautiously approaching the Lepomis's tank, I offered
> the hopefully tasty 
> morsel to the surface of the water. The water
> starting churning madly (I only 
> have 2, what do you expect!) They loved them, and to
> find out so do the H. 
> formosa's. I double checked to make sure that no
> chemicals were previously 
> applied to the lawn. Now I have a new food for my
> fish, and storage is easy!  
>     Victor
> Prplshark at aol_com

Bill Hoppe
Yellville Arkansas

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