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NFC: Elections, NFC and ME

On Thu, 07 Mar 2002 21:11:05 -0600 "Kristine Weisbrod Massin"
<kwmprairie at hotmail_com> writes:
> I wasn't even aware that self-nomination was okay!  I've never been 
> a member 
> of a group where it was before.  

On the one hand you dont want to stifle involvement, but on the other you
want qualified people. Because of our size and yougness  we allowed self
nominations. Eventually Im sure we will change things.

Learn something new everyday.  (but 
> may I 
> say I'm just as happy that NFC will stay a small, fairly cohesive 
> group?  
> I've watched too many organizations where one person was constantly 
> looking 
> for fault, and exasperated everyone else into leaving to ever want 
> it to 
> happen to the NFC.)

It doesnt take too much verbal abuse to make a volunteer experience
negative . Ive also seen people who are willing to pollute the proverbial
well to get thier agenda across wich almost always is an Im right someone
else is wrong agenda. Ive never seen one of these types talk about
positive stewps to improve things. 

> I also wanted to thank whoever nominated me, and explain that while 
> I 
> really, really wanted to run (and even sent my acceptance to Joshua 
> initially) I discovered that the USFWS (my employer) is going 
> through an 
> ethics/conflict-of-interest panic attack after a few bad apple 
> incidents 
> recently with the current result being that employees can no longer 
> be 
> voting members of any conservation-related organization.  (we used 
> to be 
> able to take a short ethics training course, sign a statement, & get 
> permission from a regional director--which was my plan when I 
> accepted--but 
> that option has been removed)

I would like to encourage you to find a non board leadership position .
We need you , and the fish need you in spades :)

> I sincerely think that the current nominees will do a wonderful job 
> and I 
> can't even begin to imagine anyone other than Robert as president.
> -Kristine Massin

I want to become more of a mentor after the next term. I love fish and
conservation,like speaking and networking and tolerate the abuse that
comes with being in the public eye :)