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Re: NFC: Worm Collecting Report

When my local fishing supply store closed, I was forced to look else where. 
Luck was with me that day when I went looking, for if I returned empty 
handed, my Lepomis's would not have let me in (LOL). I was walking around the 
neighborhood earlier that day, and as the norm here in Florida, it was on the 
warm and sunny side. Looking down at the sidewalk hoping to find some money 
and not to step on the cracks, I spotted a bunch of DRIED worms all over this 
sidewalk and driveway. Picking up a handful, I immediately returned to my 
fishroom.                                                             With 
razor-blade in hand, I commenced to slicing one of these SUNDRIED WORMS. 
Cautiously approaching the Lepomis's tank, I offered the hopefully tasty 
morsel to the surface of the water. The water starting churning madly (I only 
have 2, what do you expect!) They loved them, and to find out so do the H. 
formosa's. I double checked to make sure that no chemicals were previously 
applied to the lawn. Now I have a new food for my fish, and storage is easy!  
Prplshark at aol_com