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NFC: Worm Collecting Report

A sudden storm has brought the worms out tonight... big ones, little
ones, all of them juicy ones. Mostly I find them crawling across the
cement, but often they will be half out of the burrow, breathing the
night air. Careful not to shine the flashlight too brightly, they will
duck out of sight... but ever so slightly creep up and... grab them by
the slippery end and slowly pull like a starfish opens a mussel. Pop out
they come and into the can. Or plastic yogurt container as the case may
be. I have not met the fish that could resist a nice worm or two. The
little fish aren't big enough to fit a worm in their mouth yet, but they
try. My biggest fish thought he was quite the dominant character until a
giant worm thrashed him about the tank, but in the end... no more worm.
One fish wasn't eating much... he doesn't like the food I made up any
more... freezer burn not tasty? Now he has a full stomach. A smaller
fish not getting enough to eat? She is resting her distended belly on
the bottom, barely able to wag a fin. The other fish are happy with the
extra treat as well.