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Re: NFC: Pressure (prolly off-topic. :)

You can test your theory by unhooking the filters etc
downstream from the pump and hooking up a hose back
into the tank and seeing if there is an appreciable
increase in flow... the losses through the twists and
turns is certainly part of it, but I bet the rainbow
filters are actually the bigger restrictor... you may
need to look up rainbow and see what pumps they


--- Joshua Wiegert <JLW at dune_net> wrote:
> Hey all.
> I've got a 92G Corner tank, with an overflow system.
>  I've got a massive
> pump on it, which, at the output end, just doesn't
> seem to give much flow.
> It is rated at 2400 GPH.  I'd guess it is putting
> out less than 100 GPH.
> The impeller is clean, etc. etc.  The trouble is...
> the way the former owner
> set this tank up, the pump comes immediately after a
> sump, and then must
> push water thru a Rainbow LifeGuard MechaniFilter,
> and a UV Steriliser.
> Worse, it pumps up about 4", then back, then drops
> down, thru the
> mechanifilter, up again (8"), left to the UV, up the
> UV (18"), right out of
> the UV, and finally up the tank again.  All these
> bends, turns, rises and
> falls are eating up my head pressure, and thus
> dropping my flow to next to
> nil.
> Now, my question is this:  If I move the pump to
> directly under the tank, so
> the bends, rises, falls, etc. are all before the
> pump (and, thus, more or
> less powered by the natural flow of water, I think?)
> would this give me
> increased flow?  Obviously, when I rework this in a
> few days, I'm going to
> try to minimise the twists, turns, rises, and falls,
> but ... I'm wondering
> where the best place to put the pump is.
> Joshua.
> end
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