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NFC: RE: Pressure (prolly off-topic. :)

  I think moving the pump is a good first step and then you can evaluate
from there.  It won't be the 'flow' moving the water but the pressure
resulting from the height (weight) of the water (in the tank) pushing down
to the pump.  This will help the pump but of course, any turns, risers, and
even the diameter of the pipe itself restricts the flow through friction
loss.  Moving the pump under the tank and easing the 90 degree bends to 45
degrees or less will help too.  Your pumps rating of 2400 gph is probably at
zero head.  Every foot of run, every 90 degree bend adds a foot of head, and
every 45 degree bend a half a foot (I think those numbers are right).  It's
easy to end up with a trickle.  If you can use new, wider pipe or even some
flexible pipe to reduce the friction loss you'll be ahead of the game.  Just
remembered too...your pump may be tired.   A new one might also be in your
future, but certainly try a) moving the pump and reconnecting or b)
replacing pipe as cheaper alternatives to a new pump.

Good luck, Charles

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Hey all.

I've got a 92G Corner tank, with an overflow system.  I've got a massive
pump on it, which, at the output end, just doesn't seem to give much flow.
It is rated at 2400 GPH.  I'd guess it is putting out less than 100 GPH.
The impeller is clean, etc. etc.  The trouble is... the way the former owner
set this tank up, the pump comes immediately after a sump, and then must
push water thru a Rainbow LifeGuard MechaniFilter, and a UV Steriliser.
Worse, it pumps up about 4", then back, then drops down, thru the
mechanifilter, up again (8"), left to the UV, up the UV (18"), right out of
the UV, and finally up the tank again.  All these bends, turns, rises and
falls are eating up my head pressure, and thus dropping my flow to next to
Now, my question is this:  If I move the pump to directly under the tank, so
the bends, rises, falls, etc. are all before the pump (and, thus, more or
less powered by the natural flow of water, I think?) would this give me
increased flow?  Obviously, when I rework this in a few days, I'm going to
try to minimise the twists, turns, rises, and falls, but ... I'm wondering
where the best place to put the pump is.

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