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Re: NFC: ellasoma sp.

Victor very nice to meet you yes i would love to share
fish and photos with you. In fact it would be nice to
have someone to collect in diffrent places with. Ihave
some ecellet spots in the Wekiva river and the Econ. I
am facinated by the adaptability of E.okefanokee since
I have always found them in hrad alkaline waters
however it seems they can be found in soft water too
amazing. You are welcome to come by and visit my
fishroom any time. I have also found a populatopn of
the melenistic form of Fundulus chrystus a very red
form nice fish and close to my house. here is my
number 407-865-7974. I have a friend who I collect
with we usually go on Sat so let me know and well plan
something. We Usually fine Seminole Killiefish, Blue
fin killies, Notropis sp 2 diffrent kinds and of
course E.okefanokee. In the Econ we have found 2 other
species of pygmy sunfish, zonatum and evergladae.

Dave sanchez
--- PrplShark at aol_com wrote:
> Dave                                                
>                                        If you find
> these specimens, could you 
> possible let me know. Also could you let me know of
> other species you have 
> collected in the Orlando area, for I to collect the
> same area. I am doing 
> Florida fish research on native fish and introduced
> in freshwater and marine. 
> I've done the paper work part, and now I'm trying to
> get pic's, and actual 
> data. A lot of the specimens of Florida are not
> photographed, and I'm trying 
> to get a library of pic's for patterns, colors and
> size. If you can help, 
> post the information here, or to me off line. 
>    I don't know if you can post an address on the
> board, but I started an 
> educational web site on Florida's fish. To those of
> you interested, let me 
> know and I'll give you the address or post it here. 
> "Tank" you!
>                  Victor 
> Atkins
> Prplshark at aol_com

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