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Re: NFC: ellasoma sp.

                                       If you find these specimens, could you 
possible let me know. Also could you let me know of other species you have 
collected in the Orlando area, for I to collect the same area. I am doing 
Florida fish research on native fish and introduced in freshwater and marine. 
I've done the paper work part, and now I'm trying to get pic's, and actual 
data. A lot of the specimens of Florida are not photographed, and I'm trying 
to get a library of pic's for patterns, colors and size. If you can help, 
post the information here, or to me off line. 
   I don't know if you can post an address on the board, but I started an 
educational web site on Florida's fish. To those of you interested, let me 
know and I'll give you the address or post it here. 
"Tank" you!
Prplshark at aol_com