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Re: NFC: ellasoma sp.

I've collected Ellasoma in a number of places ranging
from florida to Louisiana.  In florida I found them in
alkaline water near spring outflows in several places
in the panhandle, usually at the margins in leaf
litter.  In Alabama, I found them in black acidic
waters that were stagnant and usually around the base
of bushes.  In Louisiana I found them in the leaf
litter or grasses at the margins of a very cool spring
fed stream that also had blue nose shiners.

--- david sanchez <apistogrammasetc at yahoo_com> wrote:
> Robert in particuler E.okefanokee I always find them
> in hard alkaline water and with a water flow is this
> the norm. I have read allot of old litrature that
> says
> they like soft acidic water so I just wanted to see
> what you guys thought.  

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