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Re: NFC: good site with fish ID photos

 The NFC has a links page that will keep you clicking
for days and days ,,
  ENJOY !!
--- Celtic Chrys <celticchrys at fastmail_fm> wrote:
> 	Hello, everyone, I'm new to this list.
> 	I grew up in Southern West Virginia, along a creek.
>  It's small 
> streams everywhere there.  The most in-depth my
> native fish ID 
> abilites are is minnow, chub, silver-side, catfish,
> bluegill.
>       I know that all those "minnows" and "chubs"
> are multiple 
> species.  Does anyone know a good web site with
> identification 
> photos of various species of minnows, for instance? 
> and a place 
> with a list of corresponding latin and common names
> would be good 
> too, maybe.
>      I'd like to ID some of these critters I have
> spent my entire life 
> watching.
> -Chrys

Bill Hoppe
Yellville Arkansas

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