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NFC: plantria

Ron here,My aquarium has blue gills. punkinseed,rock bass, large mouth,
yellow perch, blue cats ,one bullhead, green gill, and a shovel noise.I
recently deposited a common carp. It immediately made freinds with all the
occupants.It rubbed the anal area and sexually stimulated them all. The tank
glowed with color and a varity of dance. Since I have observed some females
dropping eggs during the tease which the small carp gobbles up.I have also
observed the bullhead butting the stomachs of those who catch there food.
After continueous butting up comes half digested feeder fish which the
bullhead gobbles. Question common traits like butting therefore bullhead or
just chance. How do I obtain a culture of plantria?

    Does it will
    rcoon@buckeye_express .com

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