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Re: NFC: Planaria (behavior v. predation)

Thanks Victor,

So, it's pretty much confirmed that bettas don't like planaria.

And planaria do out compete daphnia for food.  I've got first hand evidence
of that.


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> I had a 10g daphnia culture tank (it crashed) and about 2 to 3 days after
> noticed small planaria, 1 mm, covering the sides. I had some mulm on the
> bottom of the tank. After about a week, the white worms took over the
> aquarium.
>    Curiosity took over, and a microscopic observation was due. Found out
> about 50% was planaria, and 50% was a white microscopic worm.
>    Also noticed a few planaria in with my betta tank. The betta's just
> ignored them, and these guys don't ignore a food source. If it moves, it
> food!
>      Victor
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