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Re: NFC: Re: Re: Re: Planaria

ha   ha Luke.  I'll be happy to put it all together for a Flier article.
But there's been no debate, just a thread, and a helpful one to me.  And
your suggestion is great on testing.  My plans exactly, but I only have two
species of fish presently to work with.... and all of them are raised in
bare bones dish pan Tupperware which is perfect for that kind of test.  It
was extremely nice to learn of other species so quickly, and in such depth!
My thanks to all replies:  Scott, Chip, Kristine, Wally, Jake, and Thomas
(and any others I may have missed).  Any other insights by anyone else
regarding whether or not planaria are eaten by fish (we keep) are welcome.

(pics of Tupperware tubs of Fat Head larvae, and Cyprinella leedsi - generic
shots, but for a few general shots around here, look at:
http://www.aquaculturestore.com/mediahouse/ )


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> A simple test of this whole debate would be to take a clean bowl, add
> planaria and fish and see what happens.  No plants, no rocks or cover of
> any kind.  I suspect that like many other things, species results will
> vary.  Someone give it a try...might make an interesting article for the
> Flier...hint hint hint.
> Luke
> On Thu, 14 Feb 2002, Scott Olson wrote:
> > This has been a very interesting thread to follow, especially in light
> > the fact that the apistogramma list to which I subscribe has contained
> > anectodal evidence that planaria are shunned by fish.  Some posters have
> > gone so far as to claim that if planaria touch (slime?) any fish food,
> > fish will not eat the food.
> >
> > It looks like the NFC listers' observations are quite the opposite!
> >
> > A new live food staple is born?
> >
> > I do have to say that I once had a heavy infestation of tiny white
> > worms in a tank that contained a pair of apistogramma Nijsenni and their
> > fry.  It appeared to me that the fish and 'worms' happily ignored each
> > other.
> >
> > I wonder if these worms were planaria or something else?  I did not
> > the diagnostic triangular head on these things, although they were very
> > small.
> >
> > tchau,
> >
> > Scott
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