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Re: NFC: Re: Re: Re: Planaria

A simple test of this whole debate would be to take a clean bowl, add
planaria and fish and see what happens.  No plants, no rocks or cover of
any kind.  I suspect that like many other things, species results will
vary.  Someone give it a try...might make an interesting article for the
Flier...hint hint hint.


On Thu, 14 Feb 2002, Scott Olson wrote:

> This has been a very interesting thread to follow, especially in light of 
> the fact that the apistogramma list to which I subscribe has contained 
> anectodal evidence that planaria are shunned by fish.  Some posters have 
> gone so far as to claim that if planaria touch (slime?) any fish food, the 
> fish will not eat the food.
> It looks like the NFC listers' observations are quite the opposite!
> A new live food staple is born?
> I do have to say that I once had a heavy infestation of tiny white (1-2mm) 
> worms in a tank that contained a pair of apistogramma Nijsenni and their 
> fry.  It appeared to me that the fish and 'worms' happily ignored each 
> other.
> I wonder if these worms were planaria or something else?  I did not observe 
> the diagnostic triangular head on these things, although they were very 
> small.
> tchau,
> Scott
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