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NFC: Fw: Send a Valentine to the Army Corps of Engineers!

Express your love this Valentine's Day - for America's longest river.

Click here to help:

America's longest river - the Missouri River - needs some TLC this 
Valentine's Day. Regulated by dams and straitjacketed by levees, the 
river has lost its natural flow - its "heartbeat." 

By "flatlining" that heartbeat, the Army Corps of Engineers has made 
it difficult for many of the river's native species, like the pallid 
sturgeon, to spawn and reproduce. And that's unacceptable - 
especially on Valentine's Day!

For those of you who have already taken action on this issue, thank 
you! Please forward this message as a "Valentine" to your family and 

For those who haven't taken action yet, here's how you can help: 

Tell the Army Corps to have a heart - and get the Missouri's pumping 
again! The Corps should reform dam operations to restore natural 
flows to the Missouri River and save its fish and wildlife.

Plus, when you take action, you'll see the latest online advocacy 
technology that allows you to send a free, customized letter. You've 
never seen anything like this before!

Don't miss it-

So, forget candy and flowers! Share your love of rivers this 
Valentine's Day - and pass this message along to your family and 
friends. The deadline for comments is February 28, 2002.

Thanks for your support!

The American Rivers Outreach Team