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Re: NFC: Planaria and Plants

I haven't done a lot of substrate culturing from various spots around here,
I think I'll try some.  I have grabbed dozens of plants, but they always get
eaten by snails...

I was told to try copper to clean the plants, although I did try and rinse
them well the times I collected them.  But then the snails show up shortly
and the plants vanish!  I've heard tell of curing plants, but don't remember
seeing the procedure - food for another internet search.


PS - just returned from "floundering" this early morn and got a flounder
with visible PROP damage.  The gill plate down to a portion just above the
anus was missing, exposing entrails, and the gill rakers were separated from
the bottom part of the fish.  This in a curved pattern, and two subsequent
"swipes" are evident on the scales.  It appears the prop hit the founder
just after the tail, hit it again, and the final swipe did the most damage.
When I gigged the fish, it was alive.

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> There may have been some in there while the F.lineolatus was there, I just
didn't pay attention.  I do use substrate and plants that I get from various
collection sites so there probably was some in there already, but after I
took the topminnows out is when I noticed them.  I use the F.lineolatus to
cycle my tanks because they're so common here.
> Chip