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Re: NFC: Planaria

So, you didn't have Planaria on the glass with the Fundulus lineolatus in
it.  Two days no fish, and the glass has them, then in goes the Elassoma
okatie, and planaria gone again.

I wonder if you grabbed a handful of bottom substrate and tossed it into a
tub with a few inches of water, would planaria show up?  Or have the E.
okatie  cleaned em out...

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> I had set up a tank for some Elassoma okatie. The tank had previously had
Fundulus lineolatus in it.  The day after I took the topminnows out, I
noticed a large number of planaria. I went ahead and put the pygmies in and
in two days I didn't see anymore and still haven't to this day (about 2
> Chip
> W.Columbia, SC