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NFC: Re: Re: Planaria

Hi Wally,

I've got some fathead larvae and some Cyprinella leedsi larvae... I'll put
some planaria in a cup with some larvae and see :)

These are 2 - 3 CM, and definitely easy to keep.  So, I'm sure they could
take over a tank easily.

Remind me what fish you keep Wally?

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Sent: Wednesday, February 13, 2002 12:02 PM
Subject: NFC: Re: Planaria

> Hi Paul,
> While I have never seen my fish eat them I know that they must. In my fish
> room from time to time I move fish out of one tank and it goes fishless
> a while. Everytime I do this I begin to see planaria in the tank on the
> glass after a few weeks. But I never see them in tanks which have fish? My
> theory is that they are always there but the populations are kept in check
> by the fish. When the fish are gone they come out and are not eaten.
> Wally
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> Subject: NFC: Planaria
> > I'm doing a bit of net research on Planaria.  I've got this nice culture
> of
> > them, and I see they are used in many study areas including training,
> > regeneration, and I've heard from Klaus, and from another friend, Jorge,
> who
> > said they make lousy fish food.  Although Jorge did say that angel fish,
> and
> > other ciclid babies will eat them.
> >
> > Any comments?
> >
> > Paul

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