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NFC: Re: Planaria

Hi Paul,

While I have never seen my fish eat them I know that they must. In my fish
room from time to time I move fish out of one tank and it goes fishless for
a while. Everytime I do this I begin to see planaria in the tank on the
glass after a few weeks. But I never see them in tanks which have fish? My
theory is that they are always there but the populations are kept in check
by the fish. When the fish are gone they come out and are not eaten.


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> I'm doing a bit of net research on Planaria.  I've got this nice culture
> them, and I see they are used in many study areas including training, and
> regeneration, and I've heard from Klaus, and from another friend, Jorge,
> said they make lousy fish food.  Although Jorge did say that angel fish,
> other ciclid babies will eat them.
> Any comments?
> Paul

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