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Re: NFC: Threatened/Endangered/Extinct Fish (Reply to this one)

There are 8 species in Florida that are freshwater natives, that are Species 
of special concern, Threatened or Endangered. 
Ammocrypta  asprella- Chrystal darter- T
Etheostoma  histrio- Harlequin darter- S
E. okaloosae- Okaloosa darter- E
E. olmstedi maculaticeps- Southern tessellated darter- S
Micropterus notius- Suwannee bass- S
Moxostoma carinatum- River redhorse- T
Moxostoma  sp.-Greyfin redhorse- T
Rivulus ocellatus- Mangrove Rivulus- S

There are 3 marine species, that are encountered in freshwater.
Acipenser brevirostrum- Shortnose sturgeon- E
A. oxyrinchus- Atlantic sturgeon- S
A.o. desotoi-Gulf sturgeon- T

If you need anymore information, feel free to contact me. Any general info 
can be obtained @ fishbase.org. This is a very good site for information on 
freshwater and marine species, with links to many other sites pertaining to 
species of fish.
                                                   Victor- Prplshark at aol_com