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NFC: threatened native killis

In addition to many threatened and endangered Cyprinodon species , there are 
also species of Fundulus that are threatened to totaly extinct!.
F.albolineatus-extinct due to destruction of its entire habitat
F.bermudae (bermuda islands)  Severely threatened due to pollution and lost 
F.diaphanus is consideredthreatened and is protected in IL, OH, and SD
F.dispar is protected in KY mostly due to it being the extreme edge of its 
F.jenkinsii  is protected in FL due to the edge of its range
F.julisiae is protected in TN , it has a very limited range and is not 
commonly found
F.lima is threatened in parts of its habitat(baja peninsula MX) 
F.relictus severely threatened due to extreme loss of habitat-Lovers Lake, 

I am still compiling data on ALL North American killifish.  Any maintainance 
or breeding info would be much appreciated.
Michael McHugh-hobbyistx7 at aol_com

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