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Re: NFC: Gainesville area collecting and BBQ

Klaus wrote:

>>   I'm interested provided I have enough 
>>  advance warning of the date so I can 
>>  schedule a flight and get there
>>  economically.


Just in case he's serious, I believe I will have to sponsor and provide a prize for the most-distant traveler to make this event. 

I doubt it will be elegant, 
but I should be able to come up something better than
   "six Heterandria formosa in a ziplock freezer bag." 

Doug Dame
 - chairperson, awards committee, Gainesville Area BBQ-2002. 
(lives) Interlachen / 
(works) Gainesville FL
"Not that there's anything wrong with that."
 - Jerry Seinfeld.
"How bout NINE ? Nine's good. 
And it's is a full 50% better than six."
  (anon. member of the awards committee.)  

"And the bag ... that could be a GALLON
ziplock freezer bag.  Yeah, yeah, a gallon !!!!"
   (the other "regular" member of the committee.)

Chairman: This meeting is adjourned. 
    If we have another, I'll try to forget to tell you.

Sure... envy us .... we can go fishing year round ... 
but you see the kind of people we have to work with down here ???

Life ain't all just hush-puppies dipped in honey like you think !!!