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NFC: FWD: VIRUS ALERT about the my party virus


Yet another new virus is on the loose.  The W32.Myparty.B@mm virus is a
variant of the W32.Myparty@mm virus that was the subject of the first
alert sent out today.  W32.Myparty.B@mm is also spread via email
attachment and targets systems running the Windows operating system.
The subject of the virus-carrying email is also "new photos from my
party!" but the virus attachment name is slightly different:

If you receive an email message that fits this description, DO NOT OPEN
THE ATTACHMENT.  Delete the entire message immediately.

There don't appear to be any removal tools available for this virus as
of yet, but if you have Norton AntiVirus installed, updating the product
(i.e., running Live Update to install the latest virus definitions),
running a full system scan, and following the removal instructions
available at the following URL will do the trick:

http://securityresponse.symantec.com/avcenter/venc/data/w32.myparty.b at mm_html