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NFC: RR is back from surgery

Hello all,

I thank you for the many e-mail's and call  I have received. For the sake
of time and my post surgical condition I will send out an group e-mail.

The surgery went remarkably well. They removed my Gall Bladder and took
two chunks off of my liver for a biopsy. The surgeon was very confident
that they were not cancerous. It went so well that I went home the same

I did have one weird experience. When I awoke from surgery I was
paralyzed. Apparently the drugs they used to wake me up did not work in a
normal fashion and I was awake and unable to breath or move. Not what
they expected. The anesthesiologist was quick on the draw and after less
than a minute realized what was wrong and put the mask on me and began to
breath for me. After a minute or two and some additional chemicals I
began to regain use of my body. A bit scary though.A least I didnt wake
up during surgery.

Considering the early prognosis I feel rather fortunate to have gotten
off as light as I did :) They expect a full recovery. On a pleasent note
Tami has finally been trating me like I deserve, like the King I am (just
Kidding) !

Thank you all for your notes, prayers and concerns.

Back to bed

Robert Rice
NFC president