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NFC: Fw: Wild Salmon and You in 2002

Robert Rice
NFC president

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To: "robert rice" <robertrice at juno_com>
Date: 22 Jan 2002 15:35:59 -0000
Subject: Wild Salmon and You in 2002
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Hi robert, 

This is Brady with Save Our Wild Salmon Coalition.

This past year, you took a step on behalf of our endangered
wild salmon in the Pacific Northwest. You might have
signed a postcard, written a letter to the editor,
or tabled with us at a summer festival. Thank you!

This puts you in a select group. You not only care
about our nation's majestic Snake River salmon but
are willing to voice your concern. We'd like to keep
working with you.  

To this end, we've developed a very brief online questionnaire.
Please tell us how you'd like to help our ancient salmon,
a healthier river, and the communities that depend
on them.  

I look forward to hearing your input or questions.



(If you completed our email questionnaire last year,
thanks for your response. Still, you might enjoy seeing
the new format!)  

Best fishes, 

Brady Bennon 
Save Our Wild Salmon Coalition 
National Outreach Coordinator 


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this important issue! 


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