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NFC: RR Gallstones etc....

As some of you may know Ive been out of things a bit latley heres why....

First of all thanks so much for all of your notes and phone calls. I have
been a bit behind on correspondence but will be catching up soon. So I
thought Id send out a general update so people would not worry.
Well after a week of hospital visits and tests after test. Here is my
diagnosis. I have hemochromotosis an Iron storage daisies which makes
your blood store to much iron. HHC as it is called is the largest genetic
disease in the USA and is fatal if untreated. It has caused me to become
diabetic (type 2). A condition that may be temporary with changes in diet
etc. I have an iron level of 3 times normal and will be giving between
50-100 pints of blood in the next year to lower my iron level. My liver
has a mass on it and the surgeon is pretty confident after cat scans
MRI's etc that it is benign fatty tissue. He will however be doing a
Biopsy on Friday and removing my Gall bladder the thing that started this
adventure. So it looks like we have a handle on things. But as I can
attest you never know.
If you'd like to learn more about hemochromotosis (The Irish Curse) visit
this site
Thank you all for your notes and phone calls it has been very encouraging
for me and my family. We went from simple gallstones to life threatened
to all the way back around. What a ride :)
Robert Rice
NFC president