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NFC: Fw: A message from Michael Keaton: Save America's longest river

Click here to save America's longest river: www.SaveTheMissouri.org 

A message from Michael Keaton:

It is a new year -- a time for new beginnings. 

And I believe that in the next two months, we have a chance to make a 
positive change and bring about a new beginning for something that is 
special to all Americans: our natural environment. Specifically, we 
can bring positive change to the Missouri River, which needs your 
help today.

Meriwether Lewis wrote from the Missouri River nearly 200 years 
ago, "It seemed as if those scenes of visionary enchantment would 
never have an end."

Imagine the rolling open country that Lewis and Clark encountered. 
Imagine the abundance of fish, the herds of buffalo and flocks of 
birds, the wildlife that thrived there.

Unfortunately, the Missouri River today is a mere shadow of its 
former glory. Regulated by dams and straitjacketed by levees and 
dikes, the river has lost its natural flow -- its "heartbeat." 
Several of the river's species are endangered and may go extinct in 
our lifetimes.

You can help change that. Please visit www.SaveTheMissouri.org and 
tell the Army Corps of Engineers that you want to restore the 
Missouri River.

And please help American Rivers spread the word by forwarding this 
message to your family, friends, and colleagues.

Wild rivers, open spaces, the frontier: these were key ingredients to 
the forming of our great nation and our American spirit. In this new 
year, please join me in helping to restore our natural heritage. We 
can begin by giving new life to America's longest river.

Thank you.


Michael Keaton

P.S. I'd consider it a personal favor if you would go to 
www.SaveTheMissouri.org right now to send your official public 
comment to the Corps. With your help we can make a difference.

Actor Michael Keaton is an American Rivers board member


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