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Re: NFC: OT - Petstore info needed

The Cichlid Exchange is a great source for high quality but low cost wholesale.  They also carry many interesting killies, flagfish + misc.

You probably know athem already, but if not please plug my lab for the recommendation.  

Their URL is: http://www.cichlidexchange.com/ 

The have been super with us.

Thom DeWitt

<<< tyhall at mia_net  1/13  7:50a >>>
I know that some of the list members either currently own or have owned
a pet store at one time or another. It appears that my wife and I are
going to finally take the leap and open a pet store of our own.

If anyone out there can recommend wholesale fish suppliers and such I
would greatly appreciate it. We have a local supplier for the basic pet
store stuff, but not for the live animals.

Please send the info OFF-LIST to tyhall at mia_net