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NFC: fundulus Chysotus stuff about the melanistic ones...

Dear Mr. Rice,
When I got FAMA yesterday I damn near flipped out! I've been searching
that Fundulus since 1958 or 59 when I first saw it in the tank of the
"wealthy" local Oldsmobile dealer's showroom when walking home from
No one ever believed me it existed since...nor did I find it...till last
nite in FAMA!  My "hunt" for the fish has some comical and unprintable
twists...could I perhaps give you a call? If so, please give me
numbers, time zone etc. If you wish to call me, I've been working out of
home 954 961 5171.
I'd love to relate the tale to someone who obivously would be
interested...till  now I thought there were none!
Of course I have to get some as well!
Now if I can only find whose got those huge Aplochelichthys lineatus with
the purple markings my fishy life will be just about complete!
BTW has anyone considered this chrysotus is a different species? To me
appear to be in many respects or they could just be like discus fishes,
the same, divided by merchants and "political" taxonomy. Of course I
got the specimens to see if my hypotheses held any water.
Thanks and best regards,

Robert Rice
NFC president