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Re: NFC: new blue pike pics up/ZM

Hi Wally

for stocking walleyes dont seem to take hold well in
shallow bodies of water, I am surprised that these are
doing well in a 30' max depth lake. I dont think I
would try to stock them anywhere shallower, you could
try one or two of the 10-20' deep ponds and see what

For breeding them I personally would go with the
300gal horse tanks(poly) to maintain the broodstock
and probably hormonal manipulate them.There are also
larger tanks, that hold around 600 gals. I think they
are 7' dia.

Keep them in the shade, aerators, and powerheads on
the sides to keep water moving and I am sure they
would maintain well. I have kept good sized salmon
that way.

There is a fair amount of walleye info on the net, I
ran across a lot while looking at sturgeon breeding. 

Should you get any I would be glad to do a cooperative
project with you, using the poly tank method for
holding, such a project would fit into most back

I think an approach is to get the stock, get them
breeding, rear up some broods, sell some to keep it as
supporting as can be while looking for others to pass
on breeding stock to, get it established in private
hands, then if the various state conservation agenceys
drop the ball,again, it is still with us, not like

Its only a matter of time before the zebra mussels are
in all NA waters. Draining a lake to freeze the
mussels is probably workable but rough on the other
life in the lake. 

I think a much better approach is to find something
that preys on one or more stages of its life cycle.
With the pollution in the lakes they for sure are
going to pass it along, the up side is that they have
'that' amount of pollution. Maybe the blessing of the
zm will be that while its here it will filter out a
major portion of the pollution in the lakes. Meanwhile
we need a voracious predator of them. I had thought of
sturgeons as several species feed on larval molluscs.
The question is how much would they eat? Would it be

Whether there is a vulnerable stage of the zm is just
not known. I would love to try the two together in
some of those poly tanks, the larval through
adolescent stage zm, not adults. Whoever comes up with
a valid predator on zm is going to be the fair haired
one of NA conservation.

There is a little 'sterlet' from the Baltics and
Russia that a Fla fish distributor sold last year, it
gets up to about 3+' in the wild so it also was almost
killed off for caviar/over fishing but has made a come
back through captive breeding. I am amazed it gets
sold in
NA as it would acclimate here well, I suspect from
Virginia to Northern Calif and north. So far no state
has blocked its sale within it. looking elsewhere I
suspect, no one wants piranhas in the Great Lakes, and
totally miss a sterlet that would establish.

--- Wally Billingham
<wallybillingham at wallybillingham_com> wrote:
> Hi Jake,
> I have not fished in that Lake very much as most of
> the land around it is
> private so its hard to get to, but I would estimate
> it at around 30 feet or
> so at its deepest point, I don't see the eyes as
> being that much bigger but
> maybe all the walleyes around here have larger eyes
> than others maybe do to
> hybridation? If you fish at night around here and
> the moon is going in and
> out of clouds it seems to bother the Walleyes eyes
> and they won't bite. The
> picture shows them in Canadotha Lake so I will try
> harder this year to fish
> there and get some. Maybe I can get some fry in
> minnow traps? I am trying to
> get a permit from the state to allow me to collect
> and posses any fish of
> any size so maybe I will get lucky on both points
> (plus I know some Fish and
> Boating Commission People) The fish and game depts.
> also do surveys by
> electro shock and large nets maybe I can see if they
> can do that in Candotha
> lake to get some stock. My question is has anyone
> every been able to grow
> Walleyes in small farm type ponds? I would think
> that would be a way to go
> about doing some more serious breeding. I have
> relatives with small (1 acre)
> ponds that at this time do not have any Walleyes in
> them the depth of the
> ponds maxes out at about 8-10 feet so that might be
> to shallow (but they are
> FULL of 24"+ Bass! very big for up here)
> Also you mentioned zebra mussels. The state did find
> out that the goby
> infestation that plaguing Lake Erie is actually
> eating the Zebra mussels.
> The only problem is that a lot of the mussels are
> full of PCBs and other
> toxins which get into the gobies, then small mouth
> and other fish eat the
> gobies and then people eat the small mouth. This is
> going to be the next big
> problem around here. Also a lot of the Lakes around
> here are starting to
> show populations of Zebra mussels. They get there
> when they are in the Larva
> form in live wells and bait buckets, and also
> possibly attached to boats,
> trailers, and props. Lake Edenboro around here is
> heavily infested with
> them. It flows into French Creek, which flows into
> the Allegheny which flows
> into the Mississippi. If they find there way into
> the Mississippi its all
> over! Right now they don't seem to be doing well in
> the faster moving water
> of streams and in Lake Edenboro over the last two
> winters they have been
> draining the lake down to expose the mussels to
> freezing ice and snow which
> kills them.
> Wally
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