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Re: NFC: new blue pike pics up

Hi Wally
the pics posted the other day do show larger eyes then
I am used to seeing on walleyes. Purer strain?? How
deep is that lake?

There could well be hybrids that confuse the issue and
strengthen a belief for one variable species,but the
ones pictured dont look like a hybrid to me, or even a

Ideally the state would be best, or a federal program,
but these are a long time funding, been there on both,
its hair pulling frustrating. The simplest and
quickest solution is to privately obtain some 'blue
walleyes' and do a private program. This could be a
project of either NFA or NANFA. Broodstock/'rescues'
can be held/maintained in the 300 gal poly 'horse
tanks' quite well. Waiting on the state or feds to
fund a program for research and propagation could be
to see our grandkids find out the results, we'd be
history ourselves. And absolutely no certainty that
the program would have any continuity. 

I agree on the taste of walleyes, one of my
favorites.I have a tacklebox dedicated to 'walleye
plugs'  :-) 

I would love to find out survey results on
when/where/depth of those blues caught. The blues are
one of those projects that keep teasing the brain,
like finding out if there is a species of sturgeon
that will feed on the juvenile or younger zebra

--- Wally Billingham
<wallybillingham at wallybillingham_com> wrote:
> Hi Jake,
> A program like that would be possible here in N.W.
> PA. They did farm and
> stock them by the thousands from what I am told in
> the 1950s and 60s but the
> interest in them died off. Most people around here
> consider them to be just
> darker walleyes and unfortunately there is not a lot
> of interest. Sport
> fishing is very big around here both in Lake Eire
> and all of the lakes and
> reservoirs around here, and Walleyes are a very
> popular game fish so it
> could happen if the State would get behind it, but
> they seem to be more
> interested in the production of trout. Its kinda
> like we don't know what we
> may have. When I lived in Colorado out of towners
> thought that hunting
> Antelope was very cool and would come all the way
> out west to do it, but
> most of the locals did not bother because they don't
> taste very good. Most
> of the local sport fishermen don't get it and
> educating them is going to be
> the biggest issue.
> People do catch them from time to time in Lake Erie
> and some of the other
> lakes but to most of us they are just darker
> walleyes. I don't see from the
> pictures on the site that they have larger eyes than
> regular walleyes they
> are just darker/bluish. I have gotten several of the
> "blue walleyes" in the
> past, but never thought that they were anything but
> darker walleyes and I am
> not sure that they are that different to be honest
> with you. Just like
> largemouth bass can be almost black to very light,
> almost silver even in the
> same body of water.
> I would bet that they are much more common than is
> thought but they are just
> never reported. Around here Walleyes are the
> favorite eating fish and most
> of them are eaten within 24hrs without much thought.
> While you would rush
> out and get that lunker trout or bass mounted you
> wouldn't do that with
> walleyes for the most part. They are just to common
> which is a shame.
> Wally
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> From: jake levi <jlevi_us at yahoo_com>
> To: <nfc at actwin_com>
> Sent: Sunday, January 06, 2002 6:45 AM
> Subject: Re: NFC: new blue pike pics up
> > My suggestion is to post a reward for LIVING ones
> on
> > as many ice fishermens 'haunts' as possible.  It
> > wouldnt take a lot, even five would be a great
> start.
> > Just advertise for the 'blue phase' of the
> walleye.
> > Walleyes
> > are workeable in captive breeding and have been
> for
> > some time. Do we have any places to get them to
> within
> > PA for this or do we need to find one?
> > jake
> >
> > --- Christian J Hedemark <chris at yonderway_com>
> wrote:
> > > > Somebody REALLY needs to get some alive and do
> > > some
> > > > captive breeding with them, shouldnt be hard
> to
> > > get a
> > > > permit to keep walleyes.
> > >
> > > But something tells me it won't be easy. 
> Remember
> > > how they stocked blue
> > > pike all over creation in the northeast?  And in
> how
> > > many locations did they
> > > actually get established?  They seem awfully
> > > specialized from what I can
> > > tell.
> > >
> > >
> >
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