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Re: NFC: new blue pike pics up

Hi Jake,
A program like that would be possible here in N.W. PA. They did farm and
stock them by the thousands from what I am told in the 1950s and 60s but the
interest in them died off. Most people around here consider them to be just
darker walleyes and unfortunately there is not a lot of interest. Sport
fishing is very big around here both in Lake Eire and all of the lakes and
reservoirs around here, and Walleyes are a very popular game fish so it
could happen if the State would get behind it, but they seem to be more
interested in the production of trout. Its kinda like we don't know what we
may have. When I lived in Colorado out of towners thought that hunting
Antelope was very cool and would come all the way out west to do it, but
most of the locals did not bother because they don't taste very good. Most
of the local sport fishermen don't get it and educating them is going to be
the biggest issue.

People do catch them from time to time in Lake Erie and some of the other
lakes but to most of us they are just darker walleyes. I don't see from the
pictures on the site that they have larger eyes than regular walleyes they
are just darker/bluish. I have gotten several of the "blue walleyes" in the
past, but never thought that they were anything but darker walleyes and I am
not sure that they are that different to be honest with you. Just like
largemouth bass can be almost black to very light, almost silver even in the
same body of water.

I would bet that they are much more common than is thought but they are just
never reported. Around here Walleyes are the favorite eating fish and most
of them are eaten within 24hrs without much thought. While you would rush
out and get that lunker trout or bass mounted you wouldn't do that with
walleyes for the most part. They are just to common which is a shame.

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> My suggestion is to post a reward for LIVING ones on
> as many ice fishermens 'haunts' as possible.  It
> wouldnt take a lot, even five would be a great start.
> Just advertise for the 'blue phase' of the walleye.
> Walleyes
> are workeable in captive breeding and have been for
> some time. Do we have any places to get them to within
> PA for this or do we need to find one?
> jake
> --- Christian J Hedemark <chris at yonderway_com> wrote:
> > > Somebody REALLY needs to get some alive and do
> > some
> > > captive breeding with them, shouldnt be hard to
> > get a
> > > permit to keep walleyes.
> >
> > But something tells me it won't be easy.  Remember
> > how they stocked blue
> > pike all over creation in the northeast?  And in how
> > many locations did they
> > actually get established?  They seem awfully
> > specialized from what I can
> > tell.
> >
> >
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