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Re: NFC: new blue pike pics up

My suggestion is to post a reward for LIVING ones on
as many ice fishermens 'haunts' as possible.  It
wouldnt take a lot, even five would be a great start.
Just advertise for the 'blue phase' of the walleye.
are workeable in captive breeding and have been for
some time. Do we have any places to get them to within
PA for this or do we need to find one?

--- Christian J Hedemark <chris at yonderway_com> wrote:
> > Somebody REALLY needs to get some alive and do
> some
> > captive breeding with them, shouldnt be hard to
> get a
> > permit to keep walleyes.
> But something tells me it won't be easy.  Remember
> how they stocked blue
> pike all over creation in the northeast?  And in how
> many locations did they
> actually get established?  They seem awfully
> specialized from what I can
> tell.

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