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NFC: Re: Native Fish Conservancy Digest V2 #820

I found this interesting link that has good information on conservation
issues... look for the Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences department
listings... break a leg. I broke mine, not a bad one - no pins or plates
needed, only four more weeks to go in this cast. It is a rather nice
blue color. Don't use masking tape to keep the water out when you must
bathe (or collect)... it leaks. They tell you, don't get it wet... but
they do not supply you with a roll of surgical tape. You would think
swabbing the skin with an antiseptic solution prior to encasing the
region is something they would do, but no, just another thing to gripe
about. This is the first time I could get at the computer due to foot
swelling up like a purple potato the first week. Don't really break your
leg, it's just an expression. 
Merry Christmas!