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Re: NFC: Re: Fw: Resources other than timber now of secondaryimportance on Mo...

I have to agree with Wally on the creation.  i just think the National 
Forests should be used only for selective harvest of mature trees only.  In 
the early nineties there was a 5 year proposal for National Forests in the 
Tennessee/Georgia area to have 40% clear cuts.  In five years!  I also think 
that, as a matter of law, no timber should be taken until the cost of 
building & maintaining roads at least equals the lease price.  Unfortunately, 
it's a lot more politically acceptable to clear cut in the interior, where 
not many people can see it.  And I would prohibit (were I God) export of raw 
wood and wood products such as milled lumbar and plywood, etc.  Huge ships 
set sail for Europe and Asia with raw wood, and build furniture on the way 
which they sell upon arrival.  We have abandoned our original tariff system 
and become essentially a colony, receiving finished goods and exporting raw 

Mike Whitfield

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