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Re: NFC: Re: Fw: Resources other than timber now of secondary importance on Monongahela

In a message dated Wed, 19 Dec 2001  6:23:04 AM Eastern Standard Time, jake levi <jlevi_us at yahoo_com> writes:

> throughout the 80s I did stream sampling survays on
> the
> Kenai Peninsula, throughout that time a great deal of
> the timber from Kenai was going to Japan. At give away
> prices, the local timber agents/brokers were quite
> steamed about the overal situation as the political
> input on the bids let the Japanese underbid US buyers
> and still get the contracts. I dont know what the
> situation is now but it was disgraceful then.
> jake

Yeh, that reminds me of the fishing agreements our politicians brokered with Korea, Mexico, & Poland to mention a few.  The Coast Guard would board one of the foreign fisher/processors and find more metric tons of processed fish on board the vessel than what they were allowed to have weight of fish in the round.  The fines were so small that the Kodiak newspaper claimed it didn't even capture all of the profit the foreign ship would see from the catch, much less be punitive to try to curtail such activity in the future. However, I've never heard of the government accepting the lowest bid; stumpage was always awarded to the highest qualified bid.  Maybe the National Forest (was it the Tongass Nat. Forest?)had some kind of set-aside for the Japanese?  Without a doubt, we need some patriotic representatives in our government instead of the politics of greasy palms.