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NFC: RE: Florida Collecting

There are many collecting areas around there, just get near the water.
There may be anemones, and fire scallops among jetties or rock
banks... you will need a FL salt water permit to possess any..and a
fresh water permit for the natives.


Night time collecting is by far the best, turning rocks/oyster clumps
over will reveal damsel fish, and a hiding butterfly or two.  The most
common is the spotfin butterfly.
I recommend a Coleman lantern and a long handled dip net with 1/4 inch
mesh, as well as a 10" fine meshed dip net.  You will also possibly
see peppermint shrimp (aptly named.)
There are bag limits on all exotics for personal use, several
restricted species, and several open/close seasons.

As for Natives, check out the ditches... although you're more likely
to get exotics from there as well... you will probably get an
opportunity to get Tilapia as well as plecos.

I've collected salt water there and further South in the keys during
the late 80's into the early part of the 90's.  Always bunches of fun.

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Hey All.

I'm going to be spending the holidays in Cape Coral.  Anyone suggest
collecting areas in the vicinity?  I'd like, also, to maybe bring back
a few
Exotics for the store, though I'd mostly like some natives. . . . .

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