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Re: NFC: Re: Fw: Resources other than timber now of secondary importance on Monongahela

Hi Scott
throughout the 80s I did stream sampling survays on
Kenai Peninsula, throughout that time a great deal of
the timber from Kenai was going to Japan. At give away
prices, the local timber agents/brokers were quite
steamed about the overal situation as the political
input on the bids let the Japanese underbid US buyers
and still get the contracts. I dont know what the
situation is now but it was disgraceful then.

--- BR0630 at aol_com wrote:
> In a message dated Tue, 18 Dec 2001 12:47:30 PM
> Eastern Standard Time, Boo Radley
> <departmentus at yahoo_com> writes:
> > Yes, it is no accident that the US Forest Service
> is
> > part of the Department of Agriculture. In the US
> West
> > much of what is cut down on Forest Services lands
> is
> > sent to Asia for milling. Taxpayers subsidize F.S.
> > lands heavily. Is this a good idea? This creates
> some
> > local jobs, but gives many corporations big
> profits.
> > None dare call it socialism for the rich!
> > 
> > Boo Radley, Saraland, Alabama
> Just exactly what do you mean by "much" of what is
> cut is sent to Asia for milling?  I need to have
> your sources as I have personally been involved in
> logging in the West's National Forests for much of
> my adult life and from my experiences of logging in
> southern & central Idaho and in coastal Alaska &
> Washington would indicate you exagerate.  
> I also would like to say that I don't agree with
> Wally that the National Forests should only exist
> for logging.  Multiple use makes so much sense, it's
> difficult for me to understand why more experienced
> & sensible people remain ignorant to the
> reasonableness of the multi-use capacity of not only
> government owned lands but private as well.  By
> ignorant, I don't mean stupid, just not well
> informed nor experienced with that which they have
> such strong opinions - opinions based more on
> emotion than facts.  Don't you all see the progess
> made at making other industries cleaner & "greener",
> so why won't you accept the same can & is happening
> with farming, ranching or logging?  Most people want
> to do what is right and I don't know of anyone who
> enjoys the lifestyle of farming, ranching or logging
> who wouldn't want conditions to be good for their
> children to enjoy the same lifestyles.  Destroying
> natural resources and natural places is not in their
> long-term benefit.  You pave over,!
>  build over, or otherwise develop 
> what once was pristine land in every single
> instance, whether you're in Alabama, New Jersey or
> where ever.  This includes where you work, travel or
> whatever.  That's going to be darn-near
> irreversible, yet you all are totally against
> multiple use with some careful harvest of renewable
> natural resources like logging or farming. That, my
> friend, is hypocritical.
> Bruce Scott
> Meridian, Idaho

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