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Re: NFC: Re: Fw: Resources other than timber now of secondaryimportance on Monongahela

On Tue, 18 Dec 2001, Wally Billingham wrote:

>" National Forests are for the production of
> timber they are not parks, they are not wildlife refuges, they are for the
> harvesting of timber. Thats what they were established for."

Uhm, double check your historical accuracy on that one my friend.  Teddy
Roosevelt might disagree with you on your statements.  Roosevelt
established these areas to KEEP them from being raped by timber companies
for a "fast buck".  Harvesting is allowed on them as part of the over all
maintenance plan, but they are NOT exclusively set up for timber
production.  Roosevelt was a big supporter/believer in conservation.
That's why he established the national park system and the national
forests.  He was at odds against Congress and big business who didn't want
him setting aside so many areas because they wanted the timber for
themselves.  These resources belong to all U.S. citizens, not just the
timber industry and Roosevelt recognized that.  For that reason, he
established these areas (along with National Parks to completely preserve
unique areas) for the benefit of future generations.  That includes those
who earn their living from timber...but not those people exclusively.

Yes, we all use timber and timber products.  It is a necessary industry
and we need to keep it healthy.  Boo is right though (gads! I hate saying
that!!!!  ROFLOL!!!) in that a lot of our timber is used by foreign
interests not ourselves.  I believe in maximum sustained yield and the
conservation and economic principles behind it and believe it works when
done correctly.  Everyone benefits when good conservation practices are
used.  No one benefits when only one group is considered in the
planning...especially to the exclusion of all other interests and

The timber industry needs to be reformed. It doesn't need access to more
public lands and timber.  (my honest opinion)

Luke McClurg

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