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NFC: Re: Fw: Resources other than timber now of secondary importance on Monongahela

Timber=Jobs at least around here. National Forests are for the production of
timber they are not parks, they are not wildlife refuges, they are for the
harvesting of timber. Thats what they were established for. As Americans we
all live in houses made of wood, we all have furniture made of wood, and we
all use paper made out of wood. Many of us have fireplaces that use wood.
This time of year a lot of us cut down or have cut down for us Christmas
Trees made of wood.

A National Forest is around to keep a steady supply of wood for Americans to
use. I view them as big tree farms, just think about what America would be
without them. First of all, all wood products including housing would be way
more expensive. In order to cash in on this market you would see a lot of
people clear cutting areas all over the place. Everywhere there was a patch
of woods it would be gone, because there would be a HUGE market for the
wood. Wooded areas that are now parts of most cities would not be there as
developers and cities figured out that they could make quite a bit of money
by cutting down all of the trees and just having grassy areas.

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> Friends,
> Officials in the Elkins office of Monongahela National Forest have made
> it
> clear to employees there that " resources are secondary to getting the
> cut
> out."  What this means, in effect, is to hell with biodiversity, to hell
> with watershed protection, to hell with maintaining soil nutrient levels,
> to hell with declining species and to hell with their own professed
> philosophy.  Tracing it back, the orders come from the Milwaukee Office
> of
> the Forest Service.  Rumors are that it originated from the "timber god"
> in
> the Washington office of USDA, maybe the new Deputy Secretary, Jim
> Moseley,
> who came on in July 2001 or Deputy Undersecretary David Tenney.
> For those who didn't receive the previous mail, Monongahela has been
> ordered to triple timber production from about 7 million
> board feet/yr. to 20 million/yr.
> There are strong indications that other National Forests in the East and
> Southeast are gearing up to increase harvest.
> This move is evidently a part of the Bush Administration's strategy to
> stimulate the economy by raping the land.
> PLEASE send e-mail objecting to this to the Forest Supervisor of
> Monongahela, Don Carroll, at dgcarroll at fs_fed.us
> And copy it to the regional forester in Milwaukee at rtjacobs at fs_fed.us
> And to the Chief of the Forest Service at dbosworth at fs_fed.us
> And to USDA Deputy Undersecretary for Natural Resources and Environment,
> David Tenney at David.Tenney at usda_gov
> And to the Deputy Secretary of Agriculture Jim Mosely at
> Jim.Moseley at usda_gov
> And to Sec of Ag Ann Veneman at agsec at usda_gov
> Please take a few minutes to do this, and PASS THE WORD ALONG.
> Thanks.
> George
> Department of Biological Sciences
> Auburn University
> Auburn, AL 36849-5414
> 334-844-9251 phone
> 334-844-9234 FAX
> http://www.auburn.edu/~folkegw/zoopage.html

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