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To all Niagara River Anglers Members -  NetNews

By now everyone should have the December News & Views. By clicking on the
link below, it will take you to the NRAA website and directly to the
BULLETIN BOARD PAGE. Check it for the Christmas meeting message. 

In your December News & Views there are several notices to find a copy of
the world's smallest fish hook. Follow directions and bring the ad to the
meeting [or mail it] with your name and address. Your MUSTAD hook/hat
pin/money clip, will be mailed to you after the first of the year.
Remember this is a $2.00 retail value. The clips are being donated by
O.Mustad & Sons, makers of "World Class" fish hooks. 

While you are on the website, check Bill Hilts Jr. weekly "Fish Finder"
page. You will find it interesting and it is updated every week. If you
haven't visited the site recently, there have been some great
improvements on it since it was first published. Also check out the
picture page, there are some new pics there too.

If you have pics or ideas, let us hear them! Send you comments back from
the "Feedback Page" Email the pics or snail mail them or bring to the
meeting. Need a short description and must be taken recently please. No
pictures will be returned unless a stamped, self addressed envelope is

If you browser doesn't take you to the NRAA site by clicking below, we
made it easy to remember our web address. Look further down. [easy as

Please tell your friends about our web site! The more interest we have
the better it will become! YOU are the ones that will make it successful.

Happiest of Holidays!
NetNews Staff
REMEMBER: Your input is what will make this successful!

Click here: Bulletin Board 
Check out our web site! Easy as 1-2-3! Click here:

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