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NFC: Fw: Announcing Fox River Watch

Robert Rice
NFC president

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Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2001 15:32:30 -0600
Subject: Announcing Fox River Watch
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Clean Water Action Council of Northeastern Wisconsin (CWAC) invites you
visit Fox River Watch at www.foxriverwatch.com. The Fox River Watch
contains extensive information for the public about PCB contamination of 
the Fox River, Green Bay and Lake Michigan, the proposed PCB cleanup, and

health effects of exposure to PCBs.

We welcome your comments and suggestions for the site. Please consider 
adding a link to http://www.foxriverwatch.com/ on your website and/or 
sharing the link with others who may be interested.

A recent Public Service Announcement about Fox River Watch is enclosed


Alice McCombs, Webmaster


For Immediate Release
October 21, 2001

Public Service Announcement

PCB Cleanup Website Available

(Green Bay, WI) - Looking for quick answers or detailed evidence on the
problem in the Fox River and Green Bay? A website has been created for
purpose by several citizen organizations, using a Technical Assistance 
Grant (TAG) from the U.S. EPA.


"We spent more than a year creating this public service site, to provide 
"one-stop shopping" for local residents with questions about the issue," 
stated Rebecca Katers, of Clean Water Action Council, who coordinates the

TAG project. "New information is added daily."

The other 6 groups in the TAG coalition are: the Door County
Council, the Chappee Rapids Audubon Society, (Marinette), Great Lakes 
United (regional), Wisconsin's Environmental Decade (statewide), the 
Northeast Wisconsin Student Environmental Network, and the Brown County 
Conservation Alliance (a coalition of 16 hunting, fishing, boating and 
other outdoor organizations.)

The site includes many unique reports and information not available 
elsewhere, plus many links to separate government, industry ,
and scientific websites created by others. Topics include:

   *PCB health effects on humans and wildlife - thousands of studies and
   *PCB sources, chemistry, history and locations
   *How you can protect yourself and your family from PCBs
   *Fox River and Bay statistics, geology and history
   *Cleanup technologies and dredging information
   *Descriptions of the 7 PCB polluting compaies and their financial 
ability to pay for the cleanup
   *Government proposals to clean up the PCBs, with links to their
on the topic
   *Political shenanigans surrounding this issue
   *A current and historical archive of Fox River, Bay and PCB news media

   *Links to hundreds of other websites on related topics
   *Action alerts and public notices - how citizens can get more involved

For more information, visit www.FoxRiverWatch.com or contact:

Alice McCombs, Webmaster
Clean Water Action Council of N E Wisconsin
1270 Main Street, Suite 120
Green Bay, WI 54302
Phone: 920-437-7304,
Fax: 920-437-7326
E-mail:  CleanWater at cwac_net