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Re: NFC: Tami got a JOB :)

   Harrison town lake is a small damed up portion of
crooked creek . Crooked creek goes for 80 miles and is
one of the very top smallmouth bass creeks in the
country . It has a good selection of fishes including
some that are only found in the Ozarks . Some parts
are very scenic and rugged . At certain times of year
float trips can be made . During dry times a section
goes underground and pops out as a spring some
distance away. Dye was put in the water to find the
outlet . For some interesting info on Crooked Creek or
just good fishy reading go to 
www.Ozark history.com   click on fishing on beautiful
crooked creek . Starts with settler on crooked creek
in 1848 . Sure hope to meet up .
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> no i havent collected there we just go to vist my
> aunt we where there over  
> thanksgiving
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Bill Hoppe
Yellville Arkansas
In my day a computer was a human job tital . If my computer had wheels I wouldnt be able to get it out of the driveway. That's why my car sets braindead in the yard while my 1973 brainles chevy pickup just keeps rolling . At least IT gets me to the creeks .

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