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NFC: Fw: Little T blurb

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        The Little Tennessee River in northern Macon and southern Swain
Counties, North Carolina is widely known as the jewel of the Blue Ridge -
the only intact warm water ecosystem in the region, with strong
populations of a number of federally listed Threatened and Endangered
species, most notably the spotfin chub (Cyprinella monacha). But the
Little T needs your help!
          Thanks to hard work by local conservation organizations, there
has been a sea change in local attitudes about the river.  At this point
in time the local public strongly favors additional measures to protect
the river, and they are backed by resolutions from the county
governments.  Remarkably, the key stretch of the river above TVA's
Fontana Reservoir, receives no point source discharges.  There is
presently a window of opportunity to "lock in" this condition if the
North Carolina Division of Water Quality (DWQ) will recommend a
moratorium on point sources in their Little Tennessee Basinwide Plan.  
        The only serious "opposition" to this seems to be in the form of
inertia and ingrained conservatism on the part of the DWQ (undoubtedly
plus a few potential polluters operating behind the scenes).  Those in
the DWQ who want to do their job depend on public outcry.  It is our goal
to have hundreds of letters on their desks by the January 11 comment
deadline.  While local opinion properly counts for more, comments from
scientists, recreational river users, conservation organizations (and
potential tourists!) are also useful.  Send your comments requesting all
feasible protection for the Little T, including no point sources below
Lake Emory, to:

        Callie Dobson, Planner
        North Carolina DWQ
        1617 Mail Service Center
        Raleigh, NC 27699-1617
        Callie.Dobson at ncmail_net

        Questions and requests for additional information are welcome:

        Dr. William O. McLarney
        anaiinc at dnet_net
        (828) 524-8369

        THANK YOU!